Meet the Hosts


Andrew is our resident horror nerd and hails from the great white North that is Northern Michigan. He now resides with his husband Michael and their fur baby Sonoma in Chicago where he works in marketing. He enjoys all things horror and some of his favorite movies are things like Friday the 13th, Candyman, and The Descent, amongst many others. He also enjoys a good cheddar cheese, a run outside and spending time with his friends.



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Matty Zaradich is originally from Indiana, and has lived in Chicago for well over a decade. Matty is an activist and LGBT advocate, working with various organizations to secure non-discrimination protections for LGBT people across the United States. Matty loves traveling, distance running, drinking good wine, and hanging out with his dearest friends and family. He has been known to read poetry in group settings at the drop of a hat–whether folks like it or not. His favorite horror film? Hands down, THE EXORCIST.